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Superpitcher and Idjut Boys remix Radio Slave’s ‘Wake Up’

  • Laura Liendo
  • 21 November 2023
Superpitcher and Idjut Boys remix Radio Slave’s ‘Wake Up’

Radio Slave’s spoken word slow-burner ‘Wake Up’ dropped on Rekids March ‘23, winning support from the likes of Roman Fluegel, Louise Chen and Red Axes and continuing a run of singles that explores the house and disco roots of the iconic British UK/Producer. Now, he invites Kompakt affiliate and Hippie Dance co-founder Superpitcher alongside UK duo Idjut Boys to reimagine ‘Wake Up’ on a fresh 12”.

The original ‘Wake Up’ saw Matt Edwards, aka Radio Slave, utilise low-slung grooves and an iconic speech-like vocal. Superpitcher remixes the track first, turning it into an acid-infused trip with its vocal samples echoing through cavernous, dubbed-out soundscapes. On the flip, we see Idjut Boys turn up the flange in their hypnotic version while maintaining the original’s bassline and stripping back the vocal to eerie whispers.

Radio Slave ‘Wake Up (Remixes)’ drops on 24th November via Rekids.

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